Home Security & Residential Security in Los Angeles


Your home is your safe haven, it is where you and your loved ones reside, not to mention it is also where you keep your personal valuables and your life’s hard work. Unfortunately due to increased home robberies, you are at risk and when leaving town or stepping outside your house telling your neighbor to watch your home simply isn’t enough! We at OnGuard provide security guards to protect your home, we offer comprehensive solutions including alarm response, on-site security officers or vehicle patrols every few hours to make sure your home is safe. Hiring Onguard will assure you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your outings and vacations.

Smart-Security-Solution for residential buildings- Ensure your safety with home security los angeles

We often hear this statement- “I live in a safe neighborhood- and security system is such an irrelevance matter”.

Here are a few basic reasons why a home security Los Angeles is a required application.

Deterrence of intruders: 24/7 monitoring is only possible if you hire residential security, Los Angeles. Again, your attempt to set a secure perimeter depends on the service provider- Get customized security system with us to prevent burglary or unnecessary intrusion. Mange a safe living and see the difference we put with our mere presence.

Sound sleep: Sometimes, a security system installation is not enough- to safeguard your valuable assets, hire our resilient residential security Los Angeles, and feel comfortable and secure all the time.

Guaranteed safety: The home security Los Angeles is not always meant to prevent a criminal attack or deter trespassing, but also initiate an alert in case of fire, smoke, natural calamity or carbon monoxide.

Remote access: our personals of residential security Los Angeles are much advanced- for your knowledge, we practice smart home automation, one of our comprehensive residential security packages to provide a sense of security to your family.

Install advance home security system features

 Date & Time Stamped Recordings
 Mobile-enabled Application
 High-Quality Graphics
 Plate Readers
 24/7/365 Monitor-Accessibility
 Continuous Feed Video

Thinking about residential security!

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