Homelessness and drug use has become a national epidemic, unfortunately many shopping centers have become the center of all these activities. OnGuard differentiates from other security companies by creating unique security strategies for shopping centers, malls, and retail stores to minimize loitering, theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other unwanted felonious activities. By employing the services of Onguard, our clients will be assured experienced officers that have years of experience combating aforementioned infringements. OnGuard will provide highly skilled licensed security guard services at competitive rates, we effectively meet the distinctive needs of many retail establishments across Southern California. Our security services offer a number of benefits to our clients in the retail industry, In addition to minimizing your losses and maximizing your safety, OnGuard can improve the public’s discernment of your business, increase safety for your Clientele, and support a substantial level of service. Depending upon your security needs and budget, our retail security services can include stationery guards, patrol vehicles,CCTV, parking enforcement, and fire watch services. Our Security guards are trained by our security experts whom have been in the industry for over 20 plus years. Contact us today and get a free customized retail security consultation.