Responsible Private Security Guard


Whether it is a family owned business or a multimillion dollar establishment, Onguard will diligently apply our decades of experience to provide the best possible protection services. We provide marked vehicle patrols, golf carts and bicycles for large facilities, uniformed stationery security guards Services or foot patrol officers will make sure the clients, employees, or premises are safe and protected during the duration of the assigned services.

Areas we serve:
● Los Angeles
● Orange County
● San Diego
● Riverside
● Ventura
● San Bernardino
● Santa Barbara
● Kern County
● San Gabriel Valley
● Antelope Valley


Why choose our private security guard service


OnGuard will remove all your worries- based on any functional security purpose for facilities, buildings, construction sites, events, visitors and mobile security patrol by providing supreme customer-oriented care. According to the private security los angeles ca principle, our competitive advantage enrolls noteworthy practice to work closely with the designated clients and deliver their desired security result.
There are more than a few intentions to hire california private security, with the striking reasons mentioned below:


Tress pass prevention

Hiring southern california private patrol guards can protect against tress passing, theft and protection against any kind of invaders.


Material and property protection

Implement the right strategy to make sure the client sees and realizes the change right away. We are helping to manage the accuracy of the site from tools to other products. Our in-depth skilled staff of private security los angeles ca understand the importance of each Construction equipment and provide optimum protection.


Fight with weather damage


Establish a well-knitted solution and strong understanding of the need of the people during a natural calamity, and thus, our team of private security los angeles assists them according to the directive orders, especially to those areas of security and customer service departments.


Prevent accident

Our permanent on-site staff is experienced in managing crisis- worry less! and get assured private security los angeles ca services to residential and business complexes.


Emergency response service

Our personals are always ready with a proper briefing and supervise routine check-ups of the highest quality. With distinctive latest vehicles, southern California private patrol communicate and summon assistance.


Event security

Our private security Los Angeles is ready to deal with any event service hosting- from exhibiting, protection or usher elite entry, we have the personals to make that work.


Bank security guards

Our patrolling guards of California private security secure and alarm bank premises for the night and make the building secure from all corners and also prepare the building before the next working hours start.


Fire watch security

A fire watch system is another foremost issue to get it under watch- if your business idea deals with fire- you need fire protocols to secure your perimeters and neighbour.o our skilled private security guard provide fire watch service, specially trained for:
 Restaurant management
 Chemical industry
 School
 Warehouse
 Medical facility


Alarm responder guard


Knows micro-manage which includes mitigation and risk analysis services for visitors, elite members, and provide safe-environment through proactive security services. Offer 24 hours protection, our California private security respond at light speed and act promisingly at any break-in.


Church security


Monitor as per the state -by-laws policies, and trained to handle religious events at churches and temples. Our private security Los Angeles model knows best practices to cater to European and Asian communities, during such ceremonies.


Concierge security


For safe greetings, our private security guard ensures the safety of your guests and tenants. Performs as a concierge, our skilled personal assist and coordinate every move across the building and supervise special requests and deliveries.

Get in touch with Southern California private patrol service provider and schedule an appointment for a secure and thorough business proposal.