OnGuard security technology offers exceptional accountability and peace of mind to our clients . The technology OnGuard provides makes it easier for our clients and provides them quietude knowing that security guards and patrol guards are doing their job properly .

OnGuard LIVE

  • Live updates of where our patrol supervisors and security guards are at all times with our live tracking system
  • Our Security officers are monitored 24/7 by our management team
  • On the off chance that a security officer does not clock in on time ,management team sends out a supervisor to the security officers post
  • OnGuard sends out automated notification texts to security guards to make sure they are at the right place at the right time.

Detex System:

  • Barcoded RFID tags are set up and scanned at posts to make sure security officer is at the post.
  • Security officers patrol and scan barcode RFID tags each hour of their shift
  • At the end of the week, RFID scans are saved and uploaded by the post supervisor and is sent to management
  • Detex Reports provided per clients request
  • OnGuard ensures your property gets the protection and security you are paying for by utilizing the Detex system

Electronic DAR (daily activity report):

  • Daily Activity Report ensures that security guards and supervisors are checking in with our security consultants and management team of what’s going on each day in the clients post.
  • Benefit in Electronic DAR is that we have records of DAR’s in case a incident were to ever occur
  • DAR’s are shared with clients per request
  • Electronic DAR is more efficient because there is no paper trail and OnGuard is all about being eco friendly